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Online Health Facility Statistical Report System

Frequently Asked Questions!

  • 1. How to access training site?
  • 2. Do you need to submit a printed copy of the Statistical Report once submitted online?
    • Answer:

      No. But you need to print the confirmation message. This will be attached to your application of renewal of license. (see example below)

    • Attachment: confirmation_message.pdf
  • 3. How can I reset my password if forgot password does not work?
    • Answer: If forgot password does not work, you may request to reset your password using the technical assistance found at the login page of the website and follow the given procedure.
    • Attachment: technical_assistance.pdf
  • 4. What if other parts of the report is not applicable to our facility?
    • Answer: For some part of the report, you may search for the option 'No Data Available' then type zero (0) as value then save.
    • Attachment:
  • 5. Why my data was not saved after I click the save button?
    • Answer: Make sure the number you are encoding is not in comma formatted value. Ex. instead of 1,500 just type 1500
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  • 6. What to do if my password has expired?
    • Answer:
      • 1. Type-in your Old Password
      • 2. Type-in New Password (You would want to click show password for you to remember, please note that your password is case-sensitive)
      • 3. Confirm Password (This should match the new password)
      • 4. Type the validation code in all CAPS
        • Note: "5" and "S" may look the same in the validation code. "S" is rounded and curved while "5" has more edge.
      • 5. Click Change Password button (see image below for reference)
    • Attachment: password_expired.png
  • 7. After encoding 10 ICD-10 Codes in Morbidity, OPD, ER and Mortality, upon generation of report it displays less than 10?
    • Answer: Please note when encoding the ICD-10 you are encoding the individual code, but upon generation of the report the system will group and display them in ICD-10 Category. Please see example below:
      ICD-10 Code ICD-10 Description Number ICD-10 Code Category ICD-10 Category Description Number
      J06.9/1 Upper respiratory infection 200 J00-J06 Acute upper respiratory infections 500
      J01 Acute sinusitis 300
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